Sonny Schiefelbein

When I discovered Celinne, I knew I wanted to start my own company but had no idea where to begin. I was justifying being content with the life I was living, and as a result, I was settling for a life I knew I didn’t want.

Celinne and I collaborated on how to make my company a reality. We set goals I was confident in and within a month I was working with my first paying client! The amount of determination and energy that Celinne pours into every session is amazing. She barely even knew me, but she believed IN me even when I didn’t fully believe in myself and my dreams. When you’re around that kind of support and confidence, it’s hard NOT to begin believing, too!

Before coaching, everything seemed so foggy and unsure which was sucking the life out of me, and as our coaching progressed, so did my zeal for life again. I remember being at work, a place I’ve felt stuck in for a while, and when someone told me a joke I ACTUALLY laughed! You know, the kind of carefree and excited laugh only children make, where you are thinking of nothing else but how wonderful that moment is and can truly enjoy it for what it is.

I feel like the song “I can see cleeearly now, the rain is gone!” The amount of direction, clarity, and boldness I’ve developed coaching with Celinne is beyond what I had convinced myself was possible.