Rachel Mounsey

Before working with Celinne, I felt disconnected and unsure about what direction to take my new business in. Though I have over a decade of experience in corporate, I was second guessing myself about so many things, including how to best move forward.

The clarity and unlocking of tension, stress, and patterns that weren’t serving me (that I wasn’t even aware were there, quite frankly!) that came with my session with Celinne was profound and very moving.

I came out of the session feeling lighter – I realised I had been telling myself some very disempowering stories that were seriously sabotaging my success! For someone who considers herself reasonably well self-aware, who would have known!?

Celinne helped me identify how I had all the answers to my sense of feeling disconnected, including knowing what the path needed to look like to change things and actually achieve my big goals and dreams.

I feel confidence and razor sharp clarity about the TRUE purpose of my business, and now have much-needed structure and clarity around what content to create for my community, what I need to do to build it, and most importantly, how to show up for the success of my business.