Jennifer Gluckow

Before I met Celinne, I didn’t have the most confidence telling my story. I knew if I could tell my story better, I could connect better with my ideal client and that connection would ultimately lead to more engagement and sales.

Celinne helped me identify my why, my values, my vision statement, and even my ideal client. Now I am guiding everything I do in my business through her amazing framework, which is helping me deliver my messages in a more meaningful way.

She’s a magician. That’s right, Celinne is a magician. Except, instead of pulling rabbits out of a hat, she helps you pull your story out of your head. Authentic, real, and engaging stories that you may not have even realized could relate to your business and clients.

Since I started telling stories through Celinne’s framework, I’ve seen immediate results. I’ve been getting so many more DM’s on Instagram and comments on my posts. And get this for more Celinne magic! She’s helped me turn my stories into business.

I can go on and on about Celinne because she’s so amazing and I feel so fortunate to be working with her. Not only am I able to get more engagement, but I’ve been able to create a new sales page where I better articulate exactly what I’m offering in a way that serves my ideal clients.”