Amy Porterfield

I recently got to work with Celinne around crafting my own story and really putting it out there in a way that was real, authentic, gritty, and honest, as well as making sure it had a business focus.

When I got to work with Celinne, it was magical! It was crazy how she was able to ask me the questions that really got to the heart of my story and had me think of things that I never would have thought of in the way that she presented them. She made sure that I dug really deep into my own story: “what is most important?”, “what do I want to share?”, “why do I want to share it?” When my story was all put together, it was not only beautifully done, honest, real, but had that business side of it as well so I could relate to those that I want to attract and serve inside my own business.