Stories That Sell Copywriting Launch Package

Have inspiration on how to use story to sell!

with Celinne Da Costa

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Welcome to Stories That Sell Copywriting Launch Package

This mini-course will help you if you’re tired of creating content that doesn’t convert into sales, spending countless time and energy on messaging that doesn’t stick, and want to make storytelling an easy and profitable process to weave into your work. This mini-course will transform how you share your brand in a big way!

Course Overview
  • Mini-Course : Creating A Brand Story
    • How to use your brand story to attract clients, media, and profit
    • How to use storytelling to create engaging, impactful, and money-making content
    • Create A Brand Story That Sells
  • Create Your 7-Figure Brand Story
    • Get The Workbook
  • Stories That Sell: Promo emails & social media copy, launch planner, webinar template
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