Master Your Story Group Program

Group implementation Program for visionaries ready to become captivating storytellers, recognized leaders in their industry, and get paid abundantly to be their damn selves.

with Celinne Da Costa

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Welcome to Master Your Story Group Program

Become a captivating, bold, and confident storyteller who always knows what to say and how to say it, so you can bust through your hesitations and skyrocket your visibility, reach, and sales to success.

Here’s what you’ll get:

4 recorded training modules taught live by Celinne
Valued at $4,000

5 guest video trainings by top experts in the industry
Valued at $8,000

1 BONUS NLP training taught by Celinne
Valued at $1,000

1 BONUS Confidence Meditation Hypnosis taught by NLP master
Valued at $500

1 BONUS High-End Sales Secrets training taught by sales coach
Valued at $500

9 group coaching calls from Celinne or top guest experts
Valued at $12,000

Action-packed workbooks to keep you on track and progressing
Valued at $3,000

Peer Facebook community with team support
Valued at $1,000

Total value of $28,500

course overview

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
  • Week 1
    • Module 1: Who Are You & What Makes You Unique
  • Week 2
    • Guest Training: Ralph Ruiz – Expand Your Confidence: A Self-Development Meditation Hypnosis
  • Week 3
    • Training: Hack Your Mindset To Turn Your Fears Into Courage
  • Week 4
    • Module 2 : The Unwritten Rules Of Storytelling
  • Week 5
    • Guest Training:  Kathrin Zenkina – Mastering Your Mindset To Create YOUR Million-Dollar Story
  • Week 6
    • Guest Training: Kyle Gray – Make Your Story Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool 
  • Week 7
    • Module 3 : Create Content So That They Only Buy From You
  • Week 8
    • Guest Training: Sorelle Amore – Don’t Be Shy, Using Instagram with Class for Self Promotion and Easy Selling
  • Week 9
    • Guest Training: Lynya Floyd – Using Your Story To Craft A Killer Pitch
  • Week 10
    • Module 4 : Use Your Story To Sell With Integrity
  • Week 11
    • Guest Training: Lisa Johnson – Launching Step By Step With Stories
  • Week 12
    • Guest Training: Jamie Davis – High-End Sales Secrets: How to Sell 5k-50k Offers 
  • Bonus
    • Q&A 1
    • Q&A 2