Vicky Martinez Dorr

Before taking Master Your Story, I was pretty much set up and had all my tools aligned, but I was stuck finalizing my message. I believe it happens to all of us who are working in the branding arena: you’re great at doing it for others, but when it comes to you, you get lost in tiny details. I’d been following Celinne for years and saw her growing and flourishing, plus I’d tried one of her courses and it was a real help.

I wanted to focus my services on others, but I had many talents and I couldn’t decide which direction to go. I was confused, looping all the time and coming back to square one.

On top of that, I was personally tired and disappointed by the type of mediocre leadership I see around the world. We’re experiencing a massive crisis in values de-construction; and I wanted to offer a change by creating business with purpose.

Celinne helped finalize my two business ideas for leadership coaching and branding consultancy through her structured online program and step-by-step workbooks. I clearly identified my own structure and understood everything I’d worked for and put in place for the last 15 years.

As a result of the course, I successfully finalised my branding and started promoting my services under one confident brand. I walked away with results, structure, and a better understanding of my value and worth and how I can finally help my clients.