Susi Kaeufer

Before I started working with Celinne, I was struggling with being concise with my vision/brand and expressing myself in a way that profoundly reached my audience. I felt impatient and stuck that I could not solve the problem.

I loved the energy of our calls from the moment we began working together – it felt like talking to a big sister! Celinne is very efficient and hands-on: we got a lot done every session and she helped me outline how to actually apply the insights into my life. She was structured and nice at the same time.

Another thing, Celinne is a word magician. I kept talking and talking, she would summarize my point – and it was like BAAAAM – that’s what I meant!!

I have used Celinne’s Brand Story framework to create captivating live streams, blog posts, and stories, and become more intentional with my daily content. As a result of our work together, I’m creating a website/video/logo to reflect my new elevated brand and I’ve been featured on Thrive Global. My brand message is consistently reaching my potential clients, and I have a better understanding of how I can express myself while addressing universal truths and best serving my clients.