Susan Schmitt

I was in the process of completing my first book when I found Celinne. I had two problems: I felt fearful about possible outcomes once it was published, and was struggling with speaking from the heart to my audience in a way they would connect with (I have a tendency to stay in my head). I wanted insights that would help me write the book’s intro, bio, and epilogue.

I felt stuck and worried about what would happen when the book was published, specifically how certain family members would react when I opened up about my childhood. I felt too vulnerable and afraid of being judged for speaking too much from the heart, and felt paralyzed by my fears as the book got closer to publication.

Celinne is quite magical. She has a powerful process and incredible intuition that guide the experience. She has a way of tapping into what I most want and why, and enabled me to find my own answers that were buried deep. I love her. The time I have spent with her feels like a special gift. Her wisdom, questions, and insights are amazing. Quite an incredible experience.

After coaching with her, everything started clicking together. I knew I was onto something when I sat down to write my intro, in which I shared my fears, and my co-author raved about the depth of my honesty. Additionally, being completely raw and clear about why I am doing this work was a huge motivator. The chapters wrote themselves. Through my work with Celinne, I had major insights of clarity about my book and how to describe its essence in a very simple way.

My book is now one step closer to going to the publisher and I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved!