Paul Thomson

At the time of reaching out to Celinne, I was struggling with confidence in myself and my ability to achieve the ambitious goals I thought were out of my reach. I had become disconnected from my “why” and the weight of what actually made my work so valuable for other business owners.

Together we worked on nailing down my vision & messaging which in turn rebuilt up my confidence in what I could achieve. We refined this into a powerful story that deeply connected with my target audience and moved them from consumer to customer overnight.

As a result I picked up a paid international speaking gig, generated multiple 5-figures in revenue in less than 30 days, landed partnership deals with one of the largest brands in my industry, grew my team by 6 and am on track for surpassing multiple 6-figures in revenue for the year.

Once I fell in alignment through Celinne’s help, my entire business world opened up. The opportunities haven’t stopped flooding in. I couldn’t recommend her services any more. It’s an investment you won’t regret.