Molood Ceccarelli

I created a successful product in my market with hardly any promotion, and within the first hour of working with Celinne, I  understood that I was sitting on an opportunity to create a powerful brand and repeat the same success.

Taking her course helped me cut through my limiting beliefs, gain a clear understanding of why my first product was so successful, and to deeply connect with my brand essence and my audience’s emotions.

As a result, I was able to create such a strong brand story that while I was getting ready to launch my second product, I accidentally put my landing page live and a few people bought right away. When I reached out to those clients to let them know the launch had not yet started, they all responded telling me that they were happy to have bought and were looking forward to working with me.

In short, I had a multiple five-figure product launch and have made multiple six-figures in my business in only half a year after working with Celinne.

I recommend working with Celinne because she’s real and excels in cutting through the hidden limitations you unknowingly put on yourself, which prevent you from really connecting with your audience and unlocking your potential to impact the world. She will help you combine your values and your audience’s desires into a powerful story that will transform your brand and business!