Meghan Sylvester

I love coaching, teaching and empowering women so much that it’s literally all I want to do. But the thing was, I wasn’t able to do the thing I loved doing because I was so stuck on how to get my message out. I had this huge disconnect between what I was offering and the messaging I was putting out into the world. I just had this block. I was not able to properly articulate exactly what it was that I did and how to give people the stories they needed to hear in order to build credibility and trust.

I originally hired Celinne to help me with content. To pull out of me the stories and ideas that I knew were living inside of me. And man, what I got was so much more. Celine helped me to not only fine-tune my messaging and create an entire bank of incredible stories to share, but she also guided me to dig deep and really understand the impact of my work. She helped me to find ways I could enrich my signature coaching package. Plus, she helped me to really hone in on the transformation I was offering, including the exact method, as well as values I held most important to my business.

Celinne also helped me in ways beyond content. She coached me through mental blocks and through the tribulations of being an entrepreneur. She ultimately became a mindset coach for me and someone I could share my spiritual side with.

As a result of working with Celinne, I feel so much more confident in explaining my services. I don’t fumble on my words when someone asks me what I do. I am reaching more potential clients through social media because my stories and content are so much more impactful. And I’m having a lot more fun when I sit down to write content. I’m not creating from scratch every time, which is something that had been so draining.

We all know in our hearts why we do what we do. But sometimes putting all of those big beautiful ideas into words can be so challenging. If you have trouble properly articulating what you do, how you do it, and WHY you do it I can’t recommend Celinne enough. You will come out more focused, clear and empowered to spread your message and teach from a place of confidence and flow.