Mandy Barbee

When I first met Celinne, I’d been struggling with a lifelong challenge of having a lot of ideas trapped inside of my head. I’ve always been a huge action taker in every area of my life, but when it came sharing and acting on my ideas in my business, I was stuck. This was extremely painful and exhausting.

Celinne is a straight-shooter and effectively takes her ego out of the picture when coaching. Her expertise is second to none – she knows her craft.

I first took Celinne’s “Your 7-Figure Brand Story” course and got a lot of value from it; by the time we met in person, I was speaking her language and understood the framework she teaches. But upon hearing her speak to my group of multi-6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs, all of the learning finally gelled for me.

About 25 minutes into her 90-minute presentation, my perspective and awareness shifted so much that I understood the missing key which would enable me to take action. Until then, I had countless individual stories swirling in my head, but couldn’t see the common thread. Understanding how connected my story is to my values suddenly clicked the whole picture into focus.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and I knew things were going to be easy and fluid from here on out. Now I can effectively connect the essence of ME with my ideal clients, and I have an easy-to-implement framework to share stories that support my business goals.

Once the problem was solved, my new brand site was live within a month of that presentation! I have a content bank of more than 200 juicy, authentic story ideas that all came from my head in the span of a few hours, and crystal clarity on my values and my “why”, as well as a strong content strategy that I can execute on.

Working with Celinne enabled me to move forward with executing and sharing my vision with the world, instead of remaining stuck in muddy inaction and lack of clarity.