Jessica Nicasio

Before working with Celinne, I lacked clarity on what my brand stood for and had complete analysis paralysis when it came to combining my personal and business brands. My head was swimming with ideas, yet I couldn’t move forward when it came to creating powerful messaging for my business.

While doing the Story Clarity Intensive with Celinne, I was pleasantly surprised by how deeply she went into my person to find the root of my story, instead of solely focusing on the surface-level problems. Celinne asked a lot of thought-provoking questions about my “why” and quickly pulled out my vision. She was super attentive and did an awesome job of keeping me on track when questions got tough and I avoided the answer.

The moment we came up with my vision statement, everything fell into place for me and I understood my “why,” which won’t change no matter what type of business I have now or create in the future.

Since then, building my personal and business brand has gotten way easier! Now that I have my vision statement, core values, and validation points clearly defined, I am able to move forward more confidently in my business and make decisions from a place of alignment and clarity.