Bea Mangar

Before taking Master Your Story, I was struggling to share my story because I didn’t want to feel like I was demanding attention in the wrong way or hurting people close to me. I would agonize over each vulnerable post, asking myself whether it was too much and if people would get upset. Even though my audience was connecting and resonating with me, they were not yet seeing how I could serve them. I wanted to use my story to position myself as a guide to help others.

Celinne helped me bridge the gap between me and my audience. The modules were jam-packed with insights and questions that blew my mind and made me ask myself things I never had before.

Through NLP techniques and Celinne’s natural ability to turn any experience into an epic story, she made sure that I mastered my story by the end of our work together. I’m now confident in knowing what to share, when to share, how to share, and to whom. I learned the art of storytelling and crafting a story in a powerful way that gets people to pay attention (instead of just scrolling past my posts).

As a result, I can finally breathe easy sharing my story with my audience and strategically structuring it when I write it out. These were things I knew from being a writer but Celinne has a brilliant way of teaching you the mechanics of crafting a powerful story.

If anyone approaches me for an interview, podcast, or live, I know how to introduce myself, share what I know, and offer value. I’m also seeing results in my email marketing strategy (before I was writing but not truly connecting or converting, now I do!).

When I coach my clients, I’m able to effortlessly share the right story that will help them reach breakthroughs or mindset shifts that otherwise wouldn’t have been easy to grasp. With storytelling, I can turn difficult concepts into magic, and just like that make my audience and clients truly get what I’m saying.

I walked away from the program feeling confident and knowing my worth without feeling shy or worried what others think. It’s liberating.