Claire Labry

I’ve been feeling confused with my career choices and questioning how to make an impact in this world for years. Working with Celinne was one of the most rewarding experiences: she provided me with the light I needed to carve my path to clarity.

I had a mental block every time I tried to figure out where my passion was — it was frustrating beyond belief. Through that darkness, Celinne gave me with powerful advice: “You have passion. You just haven’t found it yet.” With her guidance, I was able to find it and start designing my life and future coaching business.

Every time a session was over, I felt pumped. Celinne helped express myself without judgment and construct a framework tailored to my goals. She created a space where I was able to get extremely clear on my vision, identify my truest beliefs, and express the story I wanted to create. The greatest gift she gave me was: she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Celinne guided me through some of my biggest challenges. With her positivity and genuine knowledge, she helped me overcome mental blocks keeping me from moving forward, shift my thinking into positive, and believe in my talent. I was having a breakdown in the midst of a session when she stopped me and told me to repeat to myself: “I accept [whatever I couldn’t change at that moment]” until I believed it. This simple exercise changed my life and taught me to become solutions-oriented instead of focusing on the problem.

Due to our work together, I now know how to design my path. I have the tools and resources to help me reach goals that before I thought weren’t possible. Celinne challenged me to ignite a bigger fire within myself and take action in my life with a customized plan that is wholly, authentically mine. For once in a long time, I’m excited about my future and know where I’m going!