Chelsea Goodman

I recently took over my late father’s career management company and quickly came to the realization that being a full-time business owner is hard as shit! I needed to re-brand the business to communicate what we could deliver with a new leadership team while assuring prior customers that the company would generate results on-par with what my father had been delivering for 20+ years.

I chose to coach with Celinne because facing a challenge this overwhelming – with the added pressure that failure meant my father’s legacy would cease to exist – had me questioning everything I was doing.

Celinne was very easy to open up to about the good and bad ways I approached my business without feeling ashamed. Together, we mapped out an actionable plan for achieving my vision, how to balance my personal and business life, and landed on a clear brand story framework. Working with her really transformed and facilitated the way I approach my work.

Before working with Celinne, I felt awkward describing a brand I inherited in a way that felt authentic and credible to my vision for the business. Celinne majorly helped me understand and align with my brand – after we finished our work together, I attended the largest conference I had ever been to in my life and realized I was finally painlessly and authentically communicating my vision in a way that felt right to me. For the first time, I wasn’t questioning myself or feeling inadequate. One of the people I was speaking to even became a partner!

Thanks to Celinne, I feel more connected to my brand – like part of me is integrated with what my father established and what we as a team aim to provide moving forward. I feel ready to face things head-on and empowered to take on the next steps of running my business.