Aneta Maziarz

I’m an owner and creative director of an emerging fashion brand. Before starting my brand I noticed that when it came to fashion, traditional advertising wasn’t working anymore.  Brands who succeed were the ones who were able to build tribes and attracted like-minded people.

I contacted Celinne to help me tell my brand story. We’ve worked on the story, brand values and content for my social media and blog. I didn’t know where to start with my branding and working with Celinne armed me with knowledge and tools to be able to start gathering my tribe. Celinne is a skilful storyteller and she helped me to develop a powerful brand story and message. She also helped me to tie together visual part of the branding with storytelling. I really enjoyed working with Celinne and putting my brand story into a powerful picture. I am now much more confident about my branding and putting my message across.

People don’t want to be talked at anymore, they want to be swept away in a story and emotions, and identify with a brand before they buy. This is where Celinne comes in. Working with her is a way to future-proof your brand.