Amelia Motte

If I had trouble articulating what I stood for, how could I expect to connect with my ideal client? I engaged Celinne to help me nail my vision and brand values, to gain the confidence to tell my story and to consistently show up on social media.

I am incredibly proud to have built a business which aligns 100% with what matters to me. I would have got there on my own, but probably not as effectively, confidently or quickly. Working with Celinne fast-tracked my launch and got me to a point where I could focus more on bringing in clients instead of still fumbling my own way through my messaging. I always looked forward to our sessions together and knew Celinne would push me and nurture me in equal measure to get what I needed.

I would absolutely recommend Celinne to anyone who wants to confidently share their message with the world (even if they don’t know what that message is yet).