Story Clarity Intensive

To support making the most of our time together, please take some time to review and fill out the following questionnaire so that Celinne can be focused on you and your needs (please type your answers in this actual form).

Allow yourself to take time to fully answer each question. Be sure to answer each question from this new upleveled version of YOU. Honesty is KEY – not even for us, but truly for you and for moving forward quickly.  And be graceful with yourself, if you do not know the answer or do not have clarity - answer to the best of your ability and know this is the work we will do together on our call.

Story Clarity Intensive Onboarding Form

"*" indicates required fields

Be as honest with yourself (and me!) as possible.
Please be specific and CLEAR. (e.g. YES: "I'd like to book 3 new clients in Q1." NO: "I want to more clients.")
Describe this in detail.
Take a few minutes here and DREAM –pretend like it has already happened and write it as though we are looking back over the past 12 months and everything happened exactly as you wished.
Please share in detail what a fulfilling, successful, and ideal lifestyle looks like to you in the following areas: 1. business/career, 2. finances, 3. relationships, and 4. self-care.
On a scale from 1-10, how interested are you in receiving long-term support from a coach, knowing it’s a mid 5-figure financial investment?*
Based on our session and whether it feels like the most supportive next step, I may make an invitation to you to continue working together. For now, do a little check-in and see what feels right for you
Sometimes throughout our written communication, you may share a powerful breakthrough or result that I’d love to screenshot and share with my audience. This is with the intention of celebrating your wins, and inspire other people to see what’s possible when they commit to this transformational work. Is this okay with you?*
I will NOT share any sensitive, private, or revealing information and you always have the option to request that I do not share.