Storytelling Confidence Kit

Unleash your inner magnetism and lead with the heart

with Celinne Da Costa

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Welcome to Storytelling Confidence Kit

Discover the 10 hacks to unapologetically share your story, a training on transforming courage into fear, a confidence hypnosis led by my friend, mentor, and master life coach, Ralph Lenas Ruiz, and a video training on how to shift your message and lead with heart in times of crisis — PLUS a guide on how to unleash your inner magnetism.

Course Overview
  • How To Shift Your Message And Lead With Heart During Times of Crisis
    • Watch the Training with Celinne
  • Expand Your Confidence: A Self-Development Meditation Hypnosis
    • Watch the Guest Training with Ralph Ruiz
  • Hack Your Mindset To Turn Your Fears Into Actionable Courage Training
    • Watch Training with Celinne