Storytelling Accelerator Kit

Become a best story you ever told!

with Celinne Da Costa

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Welcome to Storytelling Accelerator Kit

The Storytelling Accelerator Kit includes my If Hearts Could Talk Self-Development Journal, my The Art of Being Human e-book, the Unlock your Story Magic mini-course, and two bonus trainings on how to start telling better stories in your content and becoming a master of how you communicate your story.

Course Overview
  • Book “The Art of Being Human”
    • Get The Book
  • Guide & Self-Development Journal “If Hearts Could Talk”
    • Get The Guide
  • 3 Essential First Steps To Master Your Story
    • Watch The Training
  • 3 Simple Steps To Telling A Better Story
    • Watch The Training
  • Unlock Your Story Magic Challenge
    • Turn Any Experience Into An Interest-Grabbing Story
    • Gain Confidence In Sharing Your Story
    • Organize All Your Scattered Ideas Into One Cohesive Narrative


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