Guest Experts

with Celinne Da Costa

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Welcome to Guest Experts

Our brilliant Guest Experts who help make Master Your Story real for our students.

Course Overview
  • Module 1: Get Clear on What you Want 
    • Guest Training:  Kathrin Zenkina – Mastering Your Mindset To Create YOUR Million-Dollar Story
  • Module 2: Unlock and Reprogram 
    • Guest training: Edward Dangerfield – How To Reprogram Your Subconscious & Process Disempowering Emotion
    • Exercise: Edward Dangerfield – Breathwork Techniques for Emotional Processing & Regulation
  • Module 3: Hack your Mindset
    • Guest Training: Ralph Ruiz – Expand Your Confidence: A Self-Development Meditation Hypnosis
  • Module 6: Identify your Values 
    • Guest Training: Nicole Schneider, Master NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer – How to Elicit Your Values
  • Monetizing Your Story
    • Guest Training: Lisa Johnson – Launching Step By Step With Stories
    • Guest Training: Jamie Davis – High-End Sales Secrets: How to Sell 5k-50k Offers 
    • Guest Training: Rhonda Swan – How To Turn Your Brand Into A Profit-Making Machine
    • Guest Training: Hanson Cheng — How Do You Start Making Money with Your Why & Vision
  • Marketing Your Story 
    • Guest Training: Kyle Gray – Make Your Story Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool 
    • Guest Training: Sorelle Amore – Don’t be Shy, Using Instagram with Class for Self Promotion and Easy Selling
    • Guest Training: Katelyn Collins – Writing Effective Emails Only You Could Write
  • Publicizing Your Story 
    • Guest Training: Lynya Floyd – Using Your Story To Craft A Killer Pitch
  • Transcending Your Story
    • Guest Training: David Hans-Barker – Mastering Your Hero’s Journey


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